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It's all about the dark atmosphere... - 92%

rokawhite, October 17th, 2007

Necros Christos is one of the newer breed of metal bands combining black and death metal. Unlike others in this genre such as Behemoth, Necros Christos does not produce fast songs, but instead creates slow, yet highly atmospheric songs.

Here, they have released a very interesting debut album. Apart from regular songs, the album is full of many interludes. These greatly enhance the atmosphere of the album, by giving it a mystic feel. The interludes show the great composing skills of the band. A highlight in this area are the three tracks labelled the "Gates". All of them utilize the same instruments and feel as if they belong together. Another plus for the atmosphere.

A great deal of instruments are used in this release. For example, "Temple V" utilizes an exotic stringed instrument. "Conquering Tell Al-Mutesallim" is also a very well composed song in this regard.

The usual songs utilize an almost raw, yet clear guitar tone with droning drum work. The vocals sound extremly evil and suit the music perfectly. They vary along with the song, changing from shreiks to almost-clean chanting. The lyrics are an area that could use some improvement, as they usually repeat many times during the song structure. Coming to the production, I'll say that it is perfectly done, maintaining the raw guitar tone, while accomodating the other elements in a good manner.

A highlight in composing would be "Christ Was Not Of Goatborn Blood" which incorporated a weird, occult-influenced pipe organ in it's mid-section. Similar sections can be seen in the song "Triune Impurity Rites - II".

Overall, this is an excellent release, meant for all black and death metal fanatics.

Highlights: Va Koram Do Rex Satan, Triune Impurity Rites I - III, Gate I - III.