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Did you know?.. - 98%

redless, November 13th, 2012

Yes, I'm talking to all people who consider themselves lovers of death metal or occult metal in general and don't happen to have reliable sources of information... Necros Christos is #1 on your "bands to check immediately" list and you just didn't notice!

As I've stated in several reviews, Necros Christos is a typical example of a band that manages to stand out in this whole new wave of old school death metal thingy. Necros Christos operates through a formula that has been proven satisfyingly effective and is actually what every worthy underground death metal band does. Specifically, this formula is taking the teachings of primordial bands like Autopsy, Incantation, Immolation, Entombed, Asphyx, Demigod, Bolt Thrower etc. and then fuse them and twist them until the blend sounds good. It sounds easy, yet actually very few have achieved a sound that is neither too familiar nor too kitsch. So, a rough description of Necros Christos would be to say that they are like a ritualistic version of Autopsy. But that would be both imprecise and not accepted by the Archives. So, let's start explaining what's going on in Triune Impurity Rites.

Triune Impurity Rites is one hour long. Out of its 23 tracks, only ten are death metal. The rest are interludes made up mostly of instrumental interludes, which vary from spoken passages accompanied with organ to sweet, peculiar melodies delivered by woodwinds and strings, combining mid-Eastern themes with a folk-like essence. By the use of these interludes, Necros Christos manages to make 60 minutes seem like 30. The ten death metal songs are pretty much all in the same vein, following mid-paced patterns that are not really complex or techincal, but if you care about these two, you should stop reading this review and go listen to Rings of Saturn or whatever you thing is brutal. The riffs are not commonplace and sound close to Nile, yet more to the point and less wanky -don't get me wrong though, I fucking love Nile. However, the band skillfully avoids pretentious east-like masturbation that plagues some bands. The drumming is mostly mid-tempo, bringing the band closer to Cruciamentum than to Teitanblood. "Thrashy" beats are brought in the game only in a handful of moments and blasting parts are thankfully absent. Consequently, the music is in a certain way ceremonial and atmospheric. The bass sounds like having fully comprehended and embraced the legacy of classics like "Mental Funeral" or "Slumber of Sullen Eyes" and is ultimately pleasing, especially when it's the only instrument being played, e.g. around the third minute mark in "Deathless in Spiritual Evil". The vocals of mastermind Mors Dalos Ra are like fucking barks and are totally evil and death metal. They also rule because the way he pronounces the word "death", it sounds like "desss"!!! The lyrics are about satanic rituals and are completely loveable to any self-respecting heavy metal fan. You know, the thing about this album is that while it's true in its death metal-ness, it's also one of those extreme albums you can say are "HEAVY FUCKIN' METAL", probably because of the addicting choruses and riffs.

To sum things up, whereas this album doesn't get the attention it deserves and is frequently overshadowed by its successor, it's still some of the best shit you'll ever listen to, if you're a sucker for death metal bliss like me. And, besides the ritualistic concept, Triune Impurity Rites features great death metal songs you don't listen to every day. So, if I've touched sensitive spots with any of the bands I mentioned -except Rings of Saturn- then you'd better give this album a listen or two, and who knows, hopefully you'll be as pleased as I am! I should mention though that it took me several listens to get into the band's music before I got the CD, so you may have to trust the general fuss around their name and be persistent. Darkness, damnation, death.