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Bow to the temple of Necros Christos - 90%

orphy, March 30th, 2008

Darkness. Damnation. Death. This phrase of alliteration describes Necros Christos pretty much to the point. And finally, after a handful of demos, EPs and splits, we have the first LP from the band. This LP lives up to everything the band created for themselves in terms of a name and image, and has really set up Necros Christos to be leaders in the movement of great modern death metal.

One will notice right away that listening to a Necros Christos release is quite different from listening to a lot of other CDs. The band puts a lot of effort and thought into what you are buying. Not only are the lyrics and music evil, but the interludes build up more atmosphere, and goes along with the packaging and image the band puts forth. They give themselves a cult appeal, and deliver well on everything.

So, the CD starts of with a sort of intro piece. These are scattered between every track, and feature keys, weird voices, and classical guitars. The contrast created here is appropriate, as they still fit with the whole atmosphere of the album, but just in an entirely different approach. They literally set the songs up to sound all the more explosive due to this approach. I've always felt a bit of an old Hypocrisy vibe in their music, as it feels like mid-paced death metal that was created to summon the devil.

As simple-yet-catchy riffs barrage the listener and make lasting impressions, one will notice that the drum performance really assists in the mood create. Lots of tom work that feels almost tribal, or dare I say ritualistic, keep rhythm and really make these songs sound like cult hymns. The lyrics along with the vocal approach does this well do, as they are low and seem to create their own mythology.

These guys are really just great at what they do. The song writing feels complete and thought out, the riffs seem old school but refreshing, and the production along with the performance are convincing. There's even some old demo tracks on here that fit perfectly, and almost serve as homage to fans who've been listening since the demo days. This release sold out pretty fast too, which is great for this band because they deserve it. Fans who got left behind and missed a chance to buy it should not have to fret, as there is a repress coming out shortly at the time of writing this. Necros Christos are truly innovators at what they do, so keep and eye on them.