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Graves Shall Open To This - 95%

Profaner, March 5th, 2007

If you've never heard Necros Christos before, they play a style of death metal that is slowed down in the tempo department for the most part. This allows the dark atmopshere that they exude to breathe and infect you with its catchiness.

The death/black metal underground has been waiting for a Necros Christos full-length for a few years now and, at last, it has arrived in the form of "Triune Impurity Rites". This album is a culmination of everything that Necros Christos has worked for up to this point and doesn't necessarily offer anything particularly new (in terms of sound/style) for people that have been following their demo trail since 2001. So was it worth the wait? Yes.

"T.I.R." serves up re-recordings of 4 old songs, 2 from "Necromantic Doom" and 2 from "Black Mass Desecration", and 5 new songs. There's really nothing different going on between the 4 re-recordings and their older counterparts, these are just of better quality. The 5 new songs are perfectly in line with the sound that they've always had. Excellent material, particularly 'Last Rite Of Christ' and the 'T.I.R. Trilogy', though the new material offers nothing in the way of growth or experimentation (down to the production, which is a more fluid, cleaned up version of how "Grave Damnation" sounds). But when you have material this good, I think this can be overlooked.

What makes "T.I.R." really special though, is the structure of the album as a whole. The atmopshere that it contains, as a whole piece, is suffocating. Even if you're not a spiritual person, this album, in the proper setting, will have you contemplating the mysteries of theology and the occult before you even realize it. There are 3 sections to this album (or perhaps ceremony would be a more appropriate word). Each section pertains a different set of "Cultmysteries", based on the lyrical content of the 3 tracks and their corresponding "Temples", and ending each section are 3 "Gates", which are comprised of dark but lovely classical guitar pieces. Indeed, it is best to listen to this album as a whole, though the songs can certainly stand on their own (especially 'Black Mass Desecration' and 'Impure Burials Prevail', both from the "Black Mass Desecration" demo, GREAT songs).

Necros Christos could be criticized a little for not being more adventurous (though it is cool that they have their own sound, perhaps in the future they would do well to step out of the niche that they have created for themselves and experiment a little), but the quality and completeness of this work is undeniable. They are one of the keepers of the ancient death metal flame, and they burn it in a way that is uniquely their own.