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A stab in the dark misses - 50%

autothrall, October 29th, 2009

Peculiar and (I believe) often misunderstood, the sole album from the UK's Necropolis was possibly the first attempt at piecing together some actual NWOBHM style music with death metal vocals (and no, I'm not counting Venom). While I wouldn't be surprised to hear a band attempt this in these retro times of late, this was pretty novel for 1997. Vocals and bass were provided by members of fellow 90s UK death metal act Gomorrah. Guitars and drums from cult speed metal band Atom God.

Whether it succeeds or not is up for debate. The vocals do fit really well over the music, but is the music itself anything more than average for its style? Not really. I like the nice crisp production of the record, but the riffs leave a lot to be desired. The majority are extremely simple and seem like they took no more than 60 seconds to whip up. There are barely any hints of death metal riffing whatsoever, though a few thrash riffs appear (in "The Bitterness I Taste" for example).

I certainly wouldn't be opposed to a successful union of these two styles, but I'm not sure Necropolis was that union. Aside from its novelty there is little reason to remember this. Yet it exists, and may be notable for taking such a stab in the dark.


Wow. - 0%

Inverted_Jesus666, December 20th, 2007

Oh man, where the hell do I start? I have never listened to any CD as mind-numbingly terrible as this. Necropolis calls themselves death metal, but I fail to see how this could be even remotely considered that. Ugh, I never want to hear this shit ever again.

The CD opener Victim tries hard to entice you as it starts with double bass and a jazz-influenced guitar solo. This wouldn't be so bad if this band was a technical jazz-influenced death metal, but Necropolis isn't. The thing this band is lacking is soul. Their playing is so lifeless, the vocals are so bland, and the drumming is so weak. The guitar tone is flat, almost no force behind it at all. It's the most bland "death metal" album I've ever heard...actually, it's probably the most bland album in general I've ever heard. It's amazing that the band made most of the songs drag on as long as they did. I'm surprised they didn't get sick of playing this crap.

I was flipping through the CD booklet and I failed to find a picture of the singer anywhere. The rest of the members were there (and they looked like an 80's hair metal band with down syndrome), but no singer. My only guess is that he was ashamed to be playing with Necropolis and didn't want his face shown. Makes sense I guess; I wouldn't want to be associated with this shit either. Don't listen to this. That's the only conclusion I can come to.