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More Necrophobic tracks, less covers please! - 65%

Werewolf, November 17th, 2012

*The version I reviewed is the 2012 reissue by Hammerheart Records.

Damn, that awkward moment when you realize that what you get is not a new release of a cool band, which hasn’t released anything new for some years, but a reissue of some older release that you weren’t aware of in the past, but it wasn’t really a big loss anyway…

So yes, I expected to hear a new album from this awesome Swedish band, but what this release offers is 2 tracks from their demo “Bloodfreezing” from 1994 (I guess the 3rd track is missing here, because it’s called 'Hitler – The Most Evil Man In The World'? C’mon… ) and their EP “Spawned By Evil” from 1996. What does it mean? That means that you get more raw sounding versions of 3 tracks from the “Darkside” album and a bunch of Venom, Slayer, Bathory, Autopsy and Iron Maiden covers.

Am I disappointed because they sound like shit? I wouldn’t say they do, actually the covers sound cool with the Necrophobic touch, but the next time I feel like listening to any of these songs, I’ll stick to the originals, be it the original versions of 'Die By The Sword' or 'Enter The Eternal Fire' or the better produced “Darkside” tracks, as they sound on the album. I would say that this release is a must only for the most die hard Necrophobic completists, otherwise it’s just cool for a listen to two and then you will most probably forget about it.

Originally written for WWW.VOICESFROMTHEDARKSIDE.DE webzine