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Enjoyable extreme thrash metal - 85%

morbert, June 19th, 2008

Most metal heads will only know Necrophobic as a death metal band. I myself, I remember the briliant thrash metal band that slowly turned into death metal during their demo period.

It is not without reason I prefer their old school days. I have always prefered thrash over death (I do have some fave death metal bands though). I mostly distrusted bands that used to play thrash yet started playing death around 1990/1991 because that scene was flourishing. Some proved to play excellent death as well (Thanatos for instance) yet others became generic. Necrophobic also has been a quality band in both genres.

A very important, let’s say key, element, here are the vocals. They are harsch extreme thrash metal shouting. Together with the fast polka beat and typical Slayer/Sodom orientated palm muted riffing this result in three blazing thrash metal songs from which the title track “Slow Asphyxiation” also is very catchy!

As said the music is still heavily inspired by early Sodom and Slayer. Hints of Possessed are to be found and one can hear some Sadus inspired high tempi (though not as fast as those other Swedish thrashers Merciless would play them in the early nineties).

All three songs here are very good compositions and it is unfortunate that I haven’t found any other band since then with Stefan Zander on vocals. Be sure to get your hands on this demo if you are into old school extreme thrash metal.