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A decent effort, but it's not really that great - 58%

MorbidAtheist666, February 29th, 2012

Title: A decent effort, but it's not really that great
Rating: 58%

This is a decent sounding death metal album from 1992. Necrophiliac are a very obscure death metal band. I believe all diehard listeners of death metal should listen to Necrophiliac at least once. They're not a very stupendous band at all. This isn't an essential album to get, but it is if you're a death metal maniac. It has song titles that make them sound like they're cool, but it doesn't help at all.

This is pretty much a really raw and nasty album. This sounds really grimy and disgusting beyond all recognition. It's typical death metal for its time. This album features some totally deep vocals and they remind me of the vocals found on General Surgery's Necrology EP. The vocals kind of remind me of Nunslaughter's vocals too. There are times where vocal echo effects are used in songs, but it doesn't add pizzazz or anything. A keyboard is also used on this album to make themselves sound different and unique. It doesn't really help them out that much.

I believe a pitch shifter is being used. It is not put to great use at all. There's definitely some vocals that cannot physically be done, I can tell you that right off the bat. The drumming is really great and persistent. The guitars are pretty good. There are some great riffs featured throughout the songs. The pinch harmonics are placed well. I love death metal with pinch harmonics.

Gorefruit Treasure is the first song and it features pitch shifted vocals in the beginning. This is a mid-paced death metal song. There's some decent leads thrown in with some pretty generic death metal riffs. The lead guitar parts are almost like James Murphy's, but James Murphy has much better leads. The drumming is done with great precision and it sounds hard & heavy. The double kick sounds a bit decent, nothing spectacular at all. The timing of the drums are pretty good. The fast riffs in this song are really great and the drums go along with them. This is a great song that starts off the album.

Necrotic Necrosis is an average song. It's a bit mid-paced with some fast moments and the vocals are okay. It features a little guitar solo that's really not impressive. I wish it was a bit longer.

A Fragment From Chaopula has some great vocal moments. The vocals sound natural and a pitch shifter is not used. The beat of the drum flows very nicely on this track as well. At the 2:51 - 3:08 marks, it has a weird stupid noise. What the heck is that? You need to listen to it to know what I'm talking about. This was really really not necessary and the song could have been a little over 4:30, not 5:03. Astral Corpse sounds like a straight forward death metal song with some pitch shifted vocals in the beginning, then the vocalist uses his natural vocals. The vocals sound a tad mean, but it's not too impressive at all. It sounds like he's trying too hard to sound badass. The pitch shifted vocals are also used in certain parts of the song. It features a pretty decent guitar solo, nothing really to write home about.

Cyclic Pathology Of Natura is the fastest song on this album and it's probably the best one. It has a creative guitar riffing that sounds pretty cool, you would need to listen to it in order to know what I'm talking about. It's a bit hard to describe. There's a couple mini guitar solos thrown in during the first minutes. It is the shortest actual song (I don't count Childcorpse Malformations, I'll get to that).

Glutting the Guts opens with some drums that sounds like something off Pungent Stench's Been Caught Buttering album. The bass sounds really audible in the beginning, but it gets a bit drowned out by the guitar. This is the first time I mention the bass. The bass on the other songs are not really noticeable. If you have really good ears, you'll find that there is bass. It just really blends in with the other instruments.

The other songs are not that good, because they tend to drag on and on. Depressed In Crimson Climax starts off with some guitar wanking, it is a weak attempt to sound amazing. The lead guitarist fails to excite me. The drumming surprisingly is a bit off in the beginning, but the drummer kind of gets his act together later on. Forget about Image Control in Biosphere of Unreal, it's long song title and a long boring song.

Perhaps if you listen to this closely, you might find this to be awesome. This is not really a death metal gem at all. The only one track that really doesn't go well with the album is Childcorpse Malformations. It only has keyboard stuff going on and then there's just vocals for 51 seconds. I don't consider this a song. That may be the only dud found on the album. I actually find it unnecessary and it does not impress me at all.

For the most part, this album is not astounding. Then again, I wouldn't call it good or bad. It does not suck, it almost sucks. This is the only full-length album by this band. They released a slew of demos between 1988 - 1991 (which is cool, but they're definitely nowhere in Chuck Schuldiner's Death's league at all), but they must have not been that up to the task to make another album. I don't really find it a shame, this band is a bit below average and their next album might have been catastrophe.