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Muhammed's Masterpiece - 95%

tiggity, March 9th, 2008

Like most people, the first song I heard from Necrophagist was "Stabwound", and also like most people, I was instantly smitten. However, as great of a CD that Epitaph is, not enough people realize what a tremendous achievement Onset of Putrefaction is. Seriously folks, let's not have a repeat of DragonForce and have the band get crazily popular solely because of the newer album. The music is splendid, easily one of the best one-man projects I've ever heard, and the sound is quite clear and crisp, accentuating every instrument and giving them each the proper treatment they deserve.

First and foremost, the guitarwork on this album is tremendous, nothing less than what many of us would expect from Muhammed Suicmez. His infamous technicality is in no short supply on this album, with each song having its own very unique and instantly recognizable tune, from the dizzying stop-go time signatures of "Intestinal Incubation" to the seamless mixture of dazzling sweeps and Slayer-esque chugging and shredding in "Culinary Hyperversity". Mr. Suicmez is truly a musically well-rounded man, hails.

Second, I was shocked to discover that this album was composed and played entirely by Muhammed. We all know that he's a fantastic guitar player and vocalist, but since he's obviously also a competent bassist, and knows exactly what sort of drumming a song needs, I envied him even more. Other one-person albums I've heard seem to clearly portray the artist's strong point, i.e. he's a guitarist by nature, so the guitars are great and the drums just sound like AC/DC with double-bass. This however is not the case here. As expected the guitar and vocals are great, but also the bass and drum tracks sound almost identical to the members of the future Epitaph line-up. If I were to give Epitaph to a Necrophagist novice, and then proceed to let him listen to "Extreme Unction", I'd be willing to bet money that they would never guess Hannes and Stefan weren't there yet.

The final pleasant surprise for me on this CD was, quite simply, how well Muhammed could speak English, even at this early point in the band's career. While he may be talking about eating dead people and disemboweling fetuses freshly ripped from the mother's womb, and other family-friendly subjects, Muhammed still manages to show that he's not just some dunderhead who knows how to scream "Fuck" and "Kill" and "Guts" in English. Seriously, who would expect some Turkish guy named Muhammed to be able to write lines like "Stagnant mass awaits me deep in the gloom", and "Fumes are penetrating, I am eructating"? I was born and raised here, and I didn't even know what the hell "eructating" meant.

All in all, this is a very solid album from an equally solid band, and unfortunately it's the album that seems to be overlooked in favor of the newer release, a prime example of what I refer to as the "DragonForce Effect". So don't you think it's time you invest in that "Extreme Unction" hoodie?

"Foul Body Autopsy", "Culinary Hyperversity", "Fermented Offal Discharge", "Mutilate the Stillborn".