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One man's brutal masterpiece. - 100%

kilder, November 2nd, 2007

This album is the perfect example of the genre. The amazing technique, the harsh vocals, the insane solos and the overall mood makes this album incredible.

Like someone has written in one of the reviews before me, after listening to this band it was pretty hard to listen to other bands in the genre because they don’t seem to satisfy the listener after hearing such a well-written and planned master of death metal.

Every track on the album is an example of a good combination of great technical skills, good song writing and brutality. What's even more surprising is that this formula doesn't get old. Every song is unique despite the fact all of them follow the same patterns. This I wasn't expecting from an album of this genre.

From the amazing opener - ‘Foul Body Autopsy’, one of the most aggressive and brutal songs in the album, to the closing ‘Fermented Offal Discharge’, the album is simply perfect. While using both technical, fast solos and slower more melodic ones, the album manages to stay balanced. Not one song can be labeled either too noisy or too melodic.
No unneeded solos or riffs, no songs which are too long – the album makes the most out of every second. Every note is heard and fits perfectly in each of the masterpieces on this album. The album, although categorized as technical death metal never gets too technical. There are a lot of slow passages that fit well in each song. This makes each track more than the ‘average technical insane death metal song’

The use of odd time signatures in these speeds is mind-blowing. It gives a unique touch and a lasting impression for the good listeners and technical drummers.

The lyrics, usually not understandable without the words in front of you are very good.

In conclusion: if you like fast brutal death metal – gets this album.
If you are not so familiar with the genre and want to get a good example – get this album.