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Almost awesome - 75%

hermanator05, May 29th, 2005

Yes, this band has is technical as fuck, there's solos all over the place and it's suprisingly catchy. The band is instantly accessible, and if you dig it when you first hear it, chances are you will continue to enjoy it down the road. So what's wrong with it?

The glaring flaw on this album was touched upon in previous reviews: it's too damn cold and mechanical sounding. Don't get me wrong. This isn't wank at all as far as I'm concerned; lots of parts on this album are certainly memorable and while technicality is probably the most renowned characteristic of this band, there's nothing here that would qualify this band as the Dream Theater of death metal. No tripe to found here at all, really. There's even some quality headbanging to be found on this album on tracks like "Mutilate the Stillborn" and "To Breathe in a Casket". There is just a dissapointing lack of emotion to be found throughout most of the album. But as I said it isn't wank, because in the absence of emotion lies musical substance and some rather solid death metal, even if I normally decline death metal of this ilk for the down and dirty stuff. However, the objective here was to create a technical death album like no other, and in many ways, they succeeded. If you want technicality mixed with passion, there are definitely more brutal and effective options, such as Suffocation and Origin. As it stands right now, though, this album is interesting and at times jaw dropping enough to justify its existence in an unfortunately quite stagnated genre.