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Orgasmic Technicality Ensues! - 88%

NeverEndingNosebleed, September 25th, 2007

First off, let me just say something; this album is fucking TECHNICAL!!! Muhammed SuiƧmez is one beast of a guitarist, and the fact that he recorded this album alone makes it even more impressive. This is brutal technical death metal at its finest; from the opening growl and riff of "Foul Body Autopsy" you know you're in for one hell of a ride.

Being one of the first truly technical albums that I listened to, I couldn't help but marvel at the sheer technicality of the guitars! While listening for the first time, I kept saying things to myself like "Holy shit!" and "How the fuck..." Seriously, not only are the riffs kickass from start to finish, but they are just so technical. Muhammed also can rip some absolutely nasty solos (Fermented Offal Discharge, anyone?) The solos are actually probably my most favored thing about this album, which is why a lot of the times I skip the first three tracks, which seem to lack solos, and start at "Intestinal Incubation," where from then on out the solos are ablaze. The bass is mixed in there, usually following the guitar riffs, which is a disappointment, as Muhammed seems to be a very good bassist. It would have been nice to see some bass solos here and there.

The CD has very good production; everything mixes in well, with no complaints about any of the instruments' sounds whatsoever.

The vocals aren't that special here; just your average cookie monster death metal vocals. No shrieks or screams here, but the vocals don't get boring, as they fit the brutality of the music very well.

Overall, this is a kickass technical death metal album. If you're a fan of brutal death metal or technical metal, I highly recommend this album.