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Technical Death Just Doesn't Get Better Than This. - 100%

Morteizen, March 30th, 2004

This CD reigns supreme in Technical Death, in my opinion this is one of the greatest death metal CDs ever release. This guy Muhammed Suicmez is just a technical fucking genius and a madman when he plays. Necrophagist is highly aware of composition and contrast and nows how to show they now what they're fucking doing. Not only is everything perfect on this album (even the drum machine is perfect) but it never gets old. You can listen to this CD non-stop and never get bored of it.

The CD starts out with Foul Body Autopsy which excercises some awesome fucking riffs. It's sharp and precise, being beautiful and brutal at the same time. The only problem here is that this song is so short. The next song To Breath in a Casket I feel has the most memorable (audible) lyrics on the album ("Oh..Beyond, Beyond these walls, there lies, infinity...To breathe in a casket, six feet below").

Mutilate the Stillborn is one of the best tracks on this CD, every riff in this song is the highest quality. These guys aren't fucking around. The riff in seconds 17-21 is blazingly fast and impressive. Great riffs, awesome song.

Intestinal Incubation is an equally impressive song with an awesome solo on it starting at 1:53, blazing accurate, words can't describe these guys.

Culinary Hyperversity has an awesome beginning riff, this is a great song. Every fucking track on this CD is impeccable and accurate. The break at 2:23 is just fucking awesome, and then it just breaks into another awesome solo.

Advanced Corpse Tumor is another song with just a fucking awesome solo. It's a little short, but you get what they give you and I'm not complaining. When I mean solo on this album, I don't mean sloppy shit like Slayer and Morbid Angel, I'm talking about sheer technicality and accuracy.

Extreme Unction is a good song, but I feel it's kind of a break song, still a good break song though. Good solo at 2:07 but now onto Fermented Offal Discharge. I would have to say this would have to be the best song on this CD. Great riff at 2:03, headbang material indeed. But it's definitely the solo at 3:01 that makes this song great. Just great.

You can listen to some free songs at, but if you don't love this CD then you shouldn't call yourself a metalhead. It doesn't matter if you like progressive, black or death, everyone will love this CD. Go get it fuckers.