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George Fisher and Micheal Romeo had a love child - 95%

Idontsuckdick, December 28th, 2008

This whole album basically sounds like a very technical version of Cannibal Corpse with various neo-classical sounding solos in between. So if neither of those styles satisfies your needs, walk away my friend. However if you like that stuff then step right up because this is the album for you. For the most part, Muhhamed’s vocals sound a lot like George Fisher (AKA Corpsegrinder). Then all the riffs are very technical, fast, and backed up by fast blast beats. The bass also has a very high standpoint on this album. It is always very audible and plays some stuff most bass players could not come close to playing.

For the most part, this entire production was written and recorded by Muhhamed. But I see no problem with that, because the music is really good. You won’t find simplicity that bores you and repeats itself all the time. There are always mini fills thrown between riffs that are actually entertaining and goofy. You can tell he tried to purposely make it really brutal, and it actually sounds good instead of being lame, because I’m sure Muhhamed knew most people don’t take that kind of stuff too seriously. But in the end it is still very entertaining, and can be funny at some points.

The music works as a good bring me up, there are no slow boring build ups, and it all just pops out of nowhere and keeps a fast steady pace. In fact the beginning of the album just starts put of nowhere and has an intense build up until it quickly leads right into the next song, and from there it is very well written and consistently powerful.

The production sounds surprisingly good for a first full length. Every instrument is audible, there is no fuzzy sound, and the vocals are projected and rest on top of the instruments nicely. In fact I’m surprised how loud and thick the vocals are coming out of such a small man. Plus I am surprised at his capability to play such intricate riffs while doing the vocals.

It is hard to talk about each song individually because they all sound the same. You can tell which song is which but for the most part the style of the riffs are the same and follow the same pattern. But my favorite song is Culinary Hyperversity. It has a really cool and fast solo. There are also some cool melodies during the verse, and the blast beats make you want to bob your head. Another good song is Fermented Offal Discharge. It just opens with a cool sweep then into a really heavy riff followed by a quick but awesome bass solo. The rest of the song has brutal riffs, cool vocals, and an extensive solo.

The solos are absolutely incredible on this album. Muhhamed displays great capability of playing intense solos. There is always a build up instead of just popping out of nowhere and playing super fast and ending out of nowhere. They are just very climatic. Then when they do get fast they shred the night away at intricate timing and keys.

I say get this album if you are a fan of the more heavy and brutal style metal. It is always loud and fast and gets the blood pumping. You will really enjoy listening to the solos, as most bands don’t have the capability to incorporate such intelligent solos in with heavy music. Try to ignore the lyrical themes though, they are kind of cheesy.