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Overwhelmingly Ingenious - 100%

EzraBlumenfeld, January 31st, 2018

While most of the world of metal waits for Necrophagist's third album that will most likely never come, the less hopeful of us are left listening to the small but powerful legacy Muhammed Suicmez's brainchild has already left behind. While the somewhat-legendary technical death metal band's second (and probably final) full-length album Epitaph was more accessible and easy on the ears, it's Suicmez's one-man debut release Onset of Putrefaction that really wins over the heart of the true tech death listener.

In terms of sound quality, this album is damn near perfect. Every note is perfectly audible while not losing any of the huge sound associated with the genre. The bass stands out well in the mix, yet is not overwhelming. The guitars are percussive and chuggy in the rhythm sections, with beautifully clear sweep-picked neo-classical leads. The drums are extremely technical, although they were (at least on the original version) programmed using a drum machine. Suicmez is also quick to let loose a monstrous, throaty guttural vocal performance throughout the album's duration, which fit the music perfectly, perhaps never better than at 00:17 of album opener "Foul Body Autopsy." The lyrics are extremely brutal and disgusting: filled with verses about digging up, eating, and fornicating with dead bodies (as the band's name suggest) and the like, it is reminiscent of Carcass' early grind period.

Each song is a merciless onslaught of splintering technicality and brutality. From the groovy harmonics of "Extreme Unction" to the headbangable off-time chug of "Intestinal Incubation" to the Yngwie Malmsteen-like shred in the intro and outro of "Mutilate the Stillborn" and beautiful solos amidst the sickening growls of "Fermented Offal Discharge," "Advanced Corpse Tumor," and "Culinary Hyperversity," this album is the metal version of an artistic masterpiece, comprising nearly eight years of compositional material. However, rife with complex time signature changes and exotic scale runs, this is not an album for the weak-minded listener. Nearly every song has an extremely technical, mind-bogglingly overwhelming neo-classical solo to contrast with the otherwise ceaseless violence of the rest of the song. The riffs will test your limits of perception, defying common music theory or conventional song structure.

This album is a flawless technical death metal masterpiece. While maybe not as commercially successful and more lyrically controversial then its predecessor, Onset of Putrefaction is a must-listen for any metalheads who haven't gotten a chance to check out Necrophagist yet. I highly recommend it to anyone who would like to listen to a nonstop, complex, and well thought-out record. Every note is perfectly chosen, every lead run recorded to optimal quality. It truly is an unmatched album in terms of technicality and sound quality combined.