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The epitome of technical death metal. - 100%

BrutalAnnihilation69, February 12th, 2008

For those who have been living under a rock for the past few years and have not heard of Necrophagist (one who feeds from the dead) they are a technical progressive death metal band who hail from Germany and in my opinion are one of the most technically gifted bands in this genre. But forget the band name for a moment as this masterpiece was envisioned and created by a single man (mortal or not you be the judge) Muhammed Suiçmez.

This album Onset of Putrification is a well structured album that flows without a glitch through the use of strange time signatures which are used throughout this album to great affect and keeps the listener guessing as to what is to come next, whether it be a blazing guitar solo, catchy melodies, small bass solo or a slow paced section you are kept on the edge of your seat through out this entire listen. Evident in this album are Muhammed’s neo-classical and classical influences which contribute to these rapid and technical compositions.

The production quality on this album is excellent and one of the many highlights of this album are the vocals while being so brutal and guttural Muhammed somehow manages to also make them fairly audible to the seasoned metal head which is rare in a high percentage of extreme metal these days. The genius song titles and brutal yet intelligent lyrics are of the highest caliber and meld into the music very well. When I first heard this album one of the things that hit me straight away were the complex yet melodic solos. Some of the best examples of this are shown in “the hymn for an angel” solo in Advanced Corpse Tumor and my personal favorite the awe inspiring solo featured in Fermented Offal Discharge.

For those of you out there who are turned off by extreme technicality as it sometimes becomes to much be sure to check out this album as it is pieced together perfectly and paired with the fast paced technicality of this album there are also some slower sections to the songs which fit in very nicely.

The highlights of this album are the amazing guitar work, solos and catchy melodies and the overall technicality and brutality which is achieved. This album is a must have for any true extreme metal head even if this is not your preferred genre of metal this is a must have for any collection.

Stand out tracks:

*Fermented Offal Discharge
*Culinary Hyperversity
*Foul Body Autopsy

Conclusion: A True Masterpiece.