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Talent does NOT always mean Perfection! - 80%

Alterno, October 24th, 2005

The Album kicks in with the short -less than 2 minutes- "Foul Body Autopsy" with a great echoing growl giving a good impression for the album, followed by "To Breathe In A Casket" in a great epicness, On the third track "Mutilate the Stillborn" after passing the first minute you will begin to find it less interesting, then the album goes the same (attractive beginning for each track followed by repetitive VideoGame-riffs including fine moments and solos every now and then during each track).

This form of technical death metal used in Onset of Putrefaction is very over-used making its music lose luster and getting meaningless in some parts as well. The lead guitar lines are very repetitive with the same Malmsteenic sounds leading to boredom while listening, So I think technicality here failed to achieve its aim with the Brutal Death Metal. The music is based on being for the true Death Metallers having complex riffs that are hard to be absorbed for the non strong fans, Highly technical and played with talent.
The fast drum lines work with the album (as-fast-as-you-can blast beats and other odd-time drumming and fills).
The lyrics are ok and the production is very good to be audible but not so cold as the music.
When I listened to this album over and over I noticed that it lacks memorability due to its complexity and weird timings, but it still competes by being a unique meal for DM fans.

*Highlights (Reasons for giving a high rating):
-The vocals are the most perfect thing about that album, from the best brutal death growls I've ever heard; Strong and low-pitched.
-The bass lines appear worthy on the last three tracks.
-Perfect Odd timings.
-The intro track and the very nice fitting solos.
-The long and fraction-of-a-second echo effects for the vocals are very well used.

**The 2004 re-release of the album contains two bonus tracks (Dismembered Self-Immolation, Pseudopathological Vivisection) from the first Necrophagist's demo which are thrashy, less technical and more simple.

***Recommended tracks:
1-Foul Body Autopsy
2- Advanced Corpse Tumor (May be the most interesting and varying track)
3- Extreme Unction
4- Fermented Offal Discharge