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Definitely a love or hate album. - 87%

Tjler, October 9th, 2013

Necrophagist are undisputedly one of the largest if not the largest technical death metal bands in the world, and this is mostly due to this album and it's influence on technical death metal. Though Necrophagist hasn't released any new material in years this album still holds it's own against tech death giants such as Spawn of Possession and Obscura with it's unrelenting technicality and crushing riffs.

The guitar work is by far the most dominant and important aspect of the album with blazing riffs, technical licks and extremely interesting and unique guitar solos, the album has given the metal community some of the most memorable solos such as the one in Ignominious and Pale. The bass playing on the album is definitely adequate and at times spectacular but definitely doesn't have as many stand out moments like the guitar but in songs like Diminished to B the bass work is incredible. The drumming is sadly quite generic and is acceptable, it helps support the guitar interplay but it doesn't have many moments of brilliance, the drums are unrelenting and unforgiving.

One of the defining qualities of the albums atmosphere are definitely the vocals. The vocal work by Muhammed is definitely very bland and shows little to no improve from his earlier releases but it helps give the listener a reminder that this a "brutal" record. He does deliver quite a few nice hooks and lyrical passages in the songs but most of the lyrics are rather unimpressive. His vocals are all in all adequate.

Some have said that this album is technical for the sake of being technical but I disagree, I think it helps tie the brilliant song writing and guitar skills of Muhammed and Christian together into a brutal neo-classical influenced metal. This is a staple in technical death metal and is a clear influence on modern tech death.

I recommend this album to all budding death metal fans.