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Essential Technical Death Metal - 86%

BKaz, October 22nd, 2006

This is technical death metal to the bone. The most complex, technical, mind-boggling licks are executed on this CD, and there is a solo, after solo, after solo in every track. To create good, "technical" music, one must be able to understand the timing and music theory behind the actual melody, in other words - you need to know your shit. The whole band is magnificently tight and clean with their music and timing, and their raw talent is phenomenal. The vocals are powerful, threatening and probably some of the best in all of death metal. The drums are all over the fucking walls yet they still maintain consistency and precision, the guitars are fucking nuts and can be best described as fret board witchcraft, and on top of all this - only god knows how in the world they found the unparalleled lefty 6-string bassist Stefan Fimmers, whom is one of the most admirable bassists in all of metal.

I could rave about the musicianship on this album for days. However, as far as the music on this disc is concerned, it is mediocre - at best. The riffs just sound like average-joe death metal, but so many good melodic/technical aspects are weaved into it. The thing that makes these guys unique is their musicianship and technicality - not music. The CD in fact just sounds like a 30 minute guitar/bass/drum solo, with vocals as well as occasional interludes of solo guitar. That makes up the beauty of the technicality. For instance, in "Stabwounds," it starts off with furious blast beats and fast/intense shredding guitars, with the tempo probably burning at 200 bpms (beats per minute). Then right at the 25 second mark a godly guitar solo starts off and the drums slow down to a steady head banging pace. Then while the guitar is furiously raping the fret board - a bass solo launches and is soloing at jaw-dropping speeds. The track then continues on with this madness, and although this track is the shortest on the CD – it is one of the best.

Another case is in "Only Ash Remains." Oh my fucking god. I don't know if it is just me but I just laugh out loud due to astonishment every single time I hear the beginning of this track - and that is no exaggeration. An incredible bass solo with scattered double bass drum parts launches the track. Then as soon as I thought things could not get any better – I was quickly mistaken because all of a sudden the most tight, clean, breath-taking guitar harmony came into play. Muhammed Suiçmez is definitely one of the best guitarists to be involved in death metal, ever. A warning before listening to this track is beware of whiplash, because you will be head banging, guaranteed.

One last example portraying the technicality of this album is track 7, titled “Seven.” I would have never guessed, but this track is in the time signature of 7 /4. For those who don’t know what that means, it basically means the actual riff starts over after 7 beats. Just the raw talent, musicianship and creativity is astounding.

Unfortunately, I still have some gripes about this disc. First off – I realized that any type of music can sound technically insane if it is played over some whacky time signature. Jazz, or even simple modern rock can sound just as technical as Necrophagist if they played in a 13/8 time signature. The musicians who can make a standard 4/4 time signature sound technical are truly talented. In addition, like I said before - the music is lacking. There are very memorable moments and kick-ass riffs on this disc, but for the most part this album is very mechanical and dry. Muhammed Suiçmez is constantly busting out his chops, and he doesn’t leave enough time for a coherent riff to take place. There are also no moments in which you are able to sit back and take a breather, or enjoy a slow and steady riff and head bang, hence this is technical brutal death metal.

To wrap this up, basically this is a must have by a musicianship standpoint. You are missing out on the true meaning of “guitar solo,” without this album. The music is lacking considerably – which is what brings my respect of this disc down dramatically. On the other hand, I am not going to kill this album’s rating because of this. I believe the whole point of this album was to bust chops, and bust chops only and I respect that. This CD is oriented almost purely off of technicality – it would be like me bashing on a black metal album for lack of variety, when really the purpose of the album is not aimed towards variety and diversity.

All in all it comes down to what you’re looking for. This is a quick and flashy album with incredible guitar trills and irregular time signatures. The disc in my opinion is 85% musicianship, and 15% music. This CD defines technical death metal.