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Solid Album - 91%

AtTheHeartOfWinter12, May 20th, 2009

This album, although lesser than Necrophagist's debut full-length release "Onset of Putrefaction," is still a solid release. The songs are catchy and the riffs are extremely complex and very enjoyable to listen to.

The vocals are still the same deep Necrophagist growls that I look forward to in most all death metal releases. It has a rough rasp to it that really compliments the instruments that go along with the vocals.

The guitar, as expected from a Necrophagist release, is insane. It has a nice medium tone to it. By medium, I mean, it's not too crunchy, but it's not too thin and twangy either. It settles in the middle and helps compliment the tuning of the bass and the sounds of the drums and vocals. Also, I enjoyed the guitar solos more in "Epitaph" than I did in "Onset of Putrefaction."

The bass is extremely well balanced on this album. It is audible at close to all times, and it's tuned in a way that holds the tracks together by tying all the instruments together. The bass lines are complex and tickle the ears when heard. In fact, I enjoy some of the bass lines more than the actual guitar riffs on some of the tracks.

The drums are pretty tight and fast as hell. The beats are fun and catchy. I found myself tapping my foot to the beat many times during this album, so they are definitely doing something right with it. It's also refreshing to hear the drums doing something other than the repetitive double kick in every song.

Overall this album is pretty fuckin' solid, but just falls short of "Onset of Putrefaction." All the same, it is an album that can be thoroughly enjoyed more than once. If you are a fan of Necrophagist or any sort of Tech. Death, I would highly recommend picking up this release. You won't be sorry

I'd also like to add this disclaimer: Don't listen to the people who complain about this album being nothing more than "guitar wankery." It is expected that when you listen to an extremely technical death metal band, that there is going to be some crazy guitar riffs/solos. It seemed like a lot of reviews were bashing the album for being what a Tech. Death release should be.