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Fierce as hell - 100%

HviteGuden, May 9th, 2021

Necrophagia is an old school death metal band, which managed to sound fresh in the late 90s. The band split in the late 80s, but in the 90s the legendary Phil Anselmo developed a friendship with Necrophagia's leader, Killjoy, and influenced him to resurrect the band. Thus, in 1998 there came "Holocausto de la Morte" with Killjoy being a vocalist and the only member of the old lineup, while Anselmo handled the guitar.

Necrophagia's concept had always dealt with horror movies and "Holocausto de la Morte" isn't an exception in this case. Moreover, the album is dedicated to the classical Italian horror movie director, Lucio Fulci, who died not long before the release of "Holocausto de la Morte". The cover features images from Fulci's films. And, of course, the music of "Holocausto de la Morte" perfectly represents the concept. Furthermore, there're a lot of samples from the horror movies on the album.

"Holocausto de la Morte" isn't a common piece of death metal. It's majorly slow and has some groovy/sludgy undertones in the riffing, which make the music even more crude. The material is very harsh. However, there are culminations on the tracks and they are performed fast, in the grinding death metal manner, sometimes even with some black metal vibes. "Holocausto de la Morte" is like an ugly beast crawling to its prey in order to finally jump on it and tear it apart.

Killjoy's vocal performance is a one of the standout things. It's fierce caustic screaming, high-pitched, more common for black metal. This style can be compared to a manner of Maniac from Mayhem, who, by the way, is featured as a guest vocalist on a couple of compositions from this album. Anyway, such wicked and raspy type of vocals perfectly fits the music of "Holocausto de la Morte".

The drums often stand out as well. On some relatively dynamic parts the drumming is punkish. It makes the music more energetic. This move sounds especially spectacular on "Embalmed Yet I Breathe". Anyway, it's not a surprising thing, because Killjoy was admittedly influenced by punk rock.

All mentioned stuff makes "Holocausto de la Morte" so interesting. It's a very specific album. It's not a typical death metal, but it has all needed ingredients to be truly aggressive, sinister and brutal, so it works as a death metal album. Easily it's the best album of Necrophagia.

P.S. The band made a series of music videos for compositions of "Holocausto de la Morte". Those clips are produced better than a lot of slasher movies and perfectly fit both music and concept of the album.