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These guys are still "Beautiful People" (To Me...) - 75%

Skarnek, September 7th, 2012

As a Necrophagia fan, I can't say there is much to be disappointed with concernning Death Trip 69. They (i.e. whoever Killjoy has in his ranks at the time) still do their feral 'phagiaphonics just the way a horror-obsessed metal junkie like me like it. What we have here is an atmosphere that reeks of decay and drips with mental phantasmagoria; even with the noticable lack of keyboards. They were a very cinematic and fitting addition to the girthey Harvest Ritual Vol. 1, yet seemed a bit too...essential, at least when viewing the album as a whole.

On Death Trip 69, the band seems more themselves with this non-disparaging regression, retroing it out just enough to nod toward Holocausto DeLa Morte dipping it's skanky, big toe into an almost-evaporated Season of the Dead puddle. So, this more emaciated version of Killjoy's monster only benefits from the thinner production and more clas-sick vibe if that just happens to work for you.

It's thrashier, simpler, much more guitar-driven, and- as always- venomous. Where Death Trip 69 lacks in punch and nightstick bludgeoning (which is more of a job for the likes of Dying Fetus), it makes up for with clawing, chewing, and vomiting. Killjoy's vocals are just as possessed as ever. Samples of classic horror movies are wedged fittingly between almost every non-musical moment. The mix is dirty, but even.

I could almost compare this release to a live Necrophagia concert with good venue acoustics, a good soundman, and all new material as the setlist. What true fan of grimy death metal wouldn't enjoy that? I suppose my only gripes would be the somewhat bright, silly cover art and the awkward inclusion of that guy from Amen on "A Funeral For Solange"... Oh! And, not that it's a problem for yours truly; but it ends with a hippy acoustic sing-along about Charlie Manson. That's right. Dig that shit, man.