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Not so good vocally, but otherwise killer - 87%

Drowned, December 13th, 2005

Here we have quite a legendary 7" released by Poserslaughter Records in 1991. Dan Swanö helped out with this vinyl in more ways than one, allowing Necrony to record at his studio and also supplying some of the distorted vocal effects. These processed vocals are really poor (in my opinion), but you can definitely recognize the man behind them when you listen to other early Swanö bands like Masticate and Incision. The music here is similar to those projects, but because many people are probably not familiar with the above then a better comparison might be Gorement's "Obsequies" demo/EP. The guitar tone, production, riffs and vocals on this 7" are very much along the lines of that recording; but I would have to say that Gorement pulled it off better because of their sheer intensity and less frequent use of processed vocals. Despite these things, "Mucu-Purulent Miscarriage" is still a killer, gore-drenched piece of vinyl that should satisfy many maniacs...

The production on this EP is very good, especially in the drums department. The snare sounds extremely heavy, as does the bass drum. The bass guitar has a cool, twangy tone to it that you can clearly make out throughout the songs. The (natural) vocals are more on the typical side, consisting of simple death growls with a touch of reverb. And as I already pointed out, the processed vocals flat out suck. To bring out another Gorement comparison, they used processed vocals pretty much throughout the entire recording of their "Human Relic" demo - I was never a fan of those either, but I have to say that they sounded a hell of a lot better than the ones used by Necrony.

The title track opens up with some of the catchiest, mid-tempo death metal riffs I've ever had the pleasure of hearing. They repeat eachother and later resurface throughout the rest of the song. The music eventually speeds up and the vicious blasting begins, along with the distorted vocals overtop. Luckily, most of the vocals on this song are natural and not annoying. The final riff is insanely heavy and ends with a spectral keyboard effect that sounds like a bubbling swamp or something along those lines. Pretty killer! Next up is "Multilocular Morphea-Sarkoblaster". The beginning of this song is a bit disappointing at first, consisting of more boring blastbeats and those processed vocals again (which are way over-used on this track!). The music gets heavy towards the middle where the drummer unleashes a string of double bass beats and there's even some raspy, Carcass-like vocals implemented overtop. The ending of the song is very dark, with more heavy double bass pounding away as an eerie keyboard effect coasts along the surface. Finally, the distant sound of thunder and rain brings the EP to a close.

The biggest problem I have with this 7" is the distorted vocals and monotonous blasting parts, but other people may feel that those things are exactly what make Necrony so cool. Not being a huge gore/grind fan is probably why that stuff doesn't appeal to me... In the end, this vinyl does have a lot more to offer than just grind, and because of that I would recommend it to all fans of oldschool, dark death metal.