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Necromonastery - 80%

Spatupon, April 7th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2016, Cassette, Impious Desecration Records (Limited edition)

Filth is everywhere. We produce filth and filth produces us. The quality of the filth is all that matters. Why do I keep blabbering on filth you might ask? That is because I've listened to this demo a million times in the past few days and each time I listen to it, the more I become enthralled by the sheer monumental filth that is on display. Finland is well-known for its doom-laden death metal bands. Most of these bands have gone on to greener pastures or simply faded into obscurity. Necromonastery, being formed in the mid-2010s may produce music that might sound anachronistic to many, but to me they are a prime example of keeping it old-school effectively and qualitatively.

Their self-titled demo, is this far, their only release and apart from a few shows here and there, I don't believe they've been too active on the musical front. Necromonastery is an old-school death metal release that takes a few cues from grindcore and doom and managest to synthesize these influences very well. Unfortunately the demo is only 10 minutes long but there are five songs in total. Most of the songs on this demo are extremely short but are very well-crafted and go straight to the point. The vocals are extremely guttural and sound very organic, while the guitar has a very sharp but thick tone which works extremely well coupled with the maniacal drumming that is present on this demo.

The demo changes its pacing several times, there are songs which are more frantic and grindcore-inspired and there are other songs which go at a much milder pace. The atmosphere this demo creates is extremely oppressive and gargantuan in size, capable of dragging you into the deepest pits of depression. This is mostly due to the amazing death/doom riffs that simply crush you slowly and methodically. The artwork on this release is very evocative of previous artwork pieces within the death metal subgenre. Unlike most other brutal death metal bands today, who opt for a colorful and livelier approach to their artwork, Necromonastery keep things basic and opt for a black and white image which works much better than any colored artwork could have worked for this particular kind of release.

In conclusion, Necromonastery is quite a neat new band that keeps things old-school and truly heavy. They have shown a mastery of the genres in which they operate and clearly have well-constructed ideas within their heads. I hope that they will release something new and hopefully a little bit longer in the future because this release has just left me wanting more. Highly recommended!