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Pure evil - 90%

Gortician, November 27th, 2003

Ghostly, Majestic and Abyssic is the music of Necromantia.

Necromantia are not overly heavy, extremely fast or very technical, but very atmospheric, melancholic and captivating, and draws the listener into a vastly evil and sinister abyss-like atmosphere.
The use of 2 basses (one possessing 8 strings!!!) and (apparently) no guitar has a huge impact on the musical outcome, as it might though, I suppose.
It kind of makes things a little flat, but that makes it all the more evil sounding and helps create the atmosphere.
"Crossing..." is not one of those albums that is an all out metal war from start to finish, there are lengthy interludes of piano and spoken word passages in between most songs, which do not at all get boring, unlike many bands that do the same thing.
The majority of Greece's black metal bands all adopt this same type of songwriting and production, see the early releases from Rotting Christ, Varathron, Thou Art Lord etc, and also from italians Mortuary Drape.
"Lord of the Abyss" is the standout song on this for me, this particular song also appears on this split with Varathron.