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This is Alright - 70%

EvilAllen, June 9th, 2019

Necrogod. There, the end... Review over... Blah, blah, blah... No. Not even close. I'm going to dive into this as much as I'm able to do. And it's just as simple as that. This band happens to rival "Wrathprayer", the band from Chile. You know...the black and death metal band? Yeah, those guys. Well, anyways, they share a strong connection to this band. Just go look for yourself. Don't have to keep following me and taking my word for it. Just because I write a lot of reviews to annoy people, doesn't mean you have to click on them.

Even though that the production on this record is absolute trash, it's supposed to be, it's black metal. It's supposed to be fucked up, just like the person or persons who acquired the idea 'n' concept in the first place, am I right? Say "yes"! So...basically, to put it in a decently-sized nutshell, the audio is foggy, blurry and how traditional black metal production is supposed to sound bad.

The guitars, bass and drums...yes, all in one small paragraph...are so heavily obscured that it's almost non-hear-able...I think that's the right thing to say? So... The guitars are distorted, with distortion added with even more distortion and with poor clarity, to put it as detailed as I'm able to do. The bass is even worse, you can just barely feel it in the background, but it happens to be there...but it's almost not. The drums sound so-fucking-programmed. It's just...well, all thump-noises. It's hard drumming, I'd suggest. Alright, bonus round! The vocals...sounds like Cookie Monster himself, went on to be totally Satanic and only chose to eat dark-chocolate cookies. And worship to Satan. Fuck that shit. Seriously... It's corny as fuck... I don't care if you guys think Satan is cool, he's a dumb-fuck, too. And the whole "Satanism" concepts are "childish". They really are...

And what's up with the weird pianos? Not to mention the "bell" that tolls sometimes, just like when the lights go out and The Undertaker arrives in the ring to face someone after receiving a threat over the microphone. Like...every-other-track is some sort of... Satanic speech, probably spoken in Russian. Who knows? I don't really care. Cookie Monster might as well be a myth, he's not even that interesting-of-a-character to remember anyways, you know? I do happen to enjoy the record's atmosphere more than the physical essence of it, itself. It's interestingly "spooky". This is just Hellowe'en music, honestly. To take this seriously, is to take a video game seriously. And I'm seriously serious.

Generally, I feel it's a good record, if I can ignore the "idiocy" behind the idea. Other than that shit, it's worth listening to, I guess. Especially if you are someone who kind of..."digs" this shit. Well, go nuts, guys. Do what you want. Cut yourselves, bleed-out cum...whatever, readers, but this Satanic bullshit is just lame...seriously...grow up...