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Metal Negro da Morte - 87%

Cosmic Mystery, March 12th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2018, Digital, Iron Bonehead Productions (Bandcamp)

I was browsing through Iron Bonehead's website when I discovered Necrobode. Being a sucker for black and white artwork, Metal Negro da Morte was screaming at me to advance and invest my time and money. Today I can say with delight that it was well worth the attention and resources spent.

"Metal Negro da Morte" roughly translates to black metal of death when researched. Why did Necrobode choose this as the album title? It is my humble assumption that when listening to the album, most of the drumming has that second wave of black metal and bestial black/death style mixed with distorted trance like guitars and raspy monotonous brutal death metal vocals. These elements are combined to deliver a testimonial and entertaining black/death metal demo. From the opening self-titled track, one immediately hears the Archgoat drumming influences of fast sections converging into slow sections. Also, the method and segments in which the toms and cymbals of the drum kit are being struck are very reminiscent of Vnom's drumming in Archgoat. That particular drumming approach is continued throughout the demo with variations occurring in later tracks such as "Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia" in which the band incorporates a retro hard rock style at the 35-second mark which was quite refreshing to the ears.

The vocals and guitars work well together for the full 28 minutes of the demo. They appear to be well mixed and mastered such that one does not override the other. The production is ideal for this kind of music and I hope they don't change it for a much cleaner one. Although with a cleaner production you begin to hear the strengths of a particular band, it does subtract from the overall atmosphere. I applaud the vocals and guitars on all the tracks regardless of how repetitious they may be to some listeners; though I would have liked to hear some high pitch screams and some frantic guitar solos. The closing track "Profanação Liturgica" seems to be a demonic ceremony of some sort which does add to the atmosphere of the demo; however, I would have preferred to hear this earlier to solidify the atmosphere and due to my preference of having musical efforts close with songs/instrumentals, not mantras and invocations.

At the moment the individuals behind this project are anonymous; however, I have some clues as to whom they might be if it is a collaborative effort. For me, Metal Negro da Morte does tick majority of the boxes where black/death metal is concerned. Apart from a few dislikes, I am very pleased with what Necrobode has gifted the genre. I hope there is much more to come from this Portuguese outfit and I hope to see Metal Negro da Morte make it's way to vinyl.