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Terribly Unfunny - 0%

DominusMortem, November 7th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2018, Digital, Independent (Bandcamp)

I first discovered this album (if you can call such garbage that) on Bandcamp's front page a few months when I saw that there was an interview. With a name as.... absurd.... as this, I had to check it out. At first I thought it was just some joke. But it's not; it's an actual full release by a band no one has heard of before, and rightfully so. I quickly left and forgot of its existence until recently.

So, after a recent listen again to refresh my mind, my opinion has not changed at all and thus I am writing my review. To start off, it is fair to say that this is a political satire. But with anything, politics have a peculiar nasty way of ruining any kind of media that is enjoyable, and thus to make politics funny, a satire must get the humor down right. "White Nationalism Is For Basement Dwelling Losers" is clearly a cash in on the current political scene, with messages appealing towards Antifa members or an audience with similarly aligned beliefs (made evident by the album's anti-fascist lyrics). It doesn't even try to be funny either and instead it comes off as propaganda. It also doesn't help them that because their message is directed towards such a peculiar demographic, it cuts off the chances of appealing to more listeners.

The lyrics are hard to understand, but upon reading them, the listener is really not missing out on anything important. The album is supposed to fight "Nazism," other fascist points of view, and the internet culture of incels, but instead the bandmembers end up making fools of themselves with this disaster. The song names are not funny at all. Instead of evoking a laugh or even a remote smirk, I cringe in pain at how poor the album is, particularly in its lyrical department. For example, with a line like "Hi few things to start off yes I added you because your'e a female gamer tis an awesome thing to see i'm brian don't be intimidated I'm not a stereotypical guy," taken from track 6, or "Bathe your bones in baja blast greasy flesh stripped with solvent mass grave for angry losers bulldozed over shred fedoras take your swastikas and shove them up your ass wooded boxes filled with mjolnirs sunwheels and totenkopfs gold teeth chains and cords allowance financed religious trinkets dying gods melted down," from track 3, you can't even take any bit of this as real songwriting.

The real kick in the pants is that this is supposed to be black metal! Yes, the guitar and drum style fit into the genre, and maybe, just maybe admittedly even the vocal style, but it lacks the soul of it. Black metal is intended to be forged with malicious, spite-filled, and evil spirit and thought. Black metal is supposed to be offensive, hateful, and derogatory. There's a shock value to it. The fact that this album protests "hate," one of the keystones to crafting black metal music, makes it a bloody joke and shouldn't even deserve the label of black metal.

The sound quality is bad too, and feels muffled. It's one big mud puddle and sounds like it was recorded in someone's home using relatively cheap equipment, and/or the sound engineer was very inexperienced. Everything in the music is loud, mashed together in a cacophonous way, and is headache inducing. Overall, the guitar work isn't terrible, and as stated before, sounds black metal styled, but it certainly isn't all that good, and this is the only remotely positive thing about it. So, in the end, with a weak postive point outweighed by the negative, I cannot recommend this festering mess unless you are a musical masochist, so please avoid this album like the plague.