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Savagely Beheaded - 100%

ImpaletheCunt, May 9th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2011, CD, Vrykoblast Productions (Digipak)

This band is diabolically incredible. This is war metal of the highest order and their 7" EP that followed, called Coerce Creed, is just as vicious. These bastards must have been high on a lethal coctail of crack and methamphetamine to produce material hellish like this and fuck me sideways this is just as addictive. Easily the bastard child of Impiety or Surrender of divinity's most brutal efforts, this album is sure to leave you decimated with 31 minutes of continous barragement. Production is raw, vocals are possessed, drums are ruthless, all boxes ticked. Just press play and let’s get on with your pathetic execution

The intro titled “Introuroboros” starts the proceedings very slowly, much in the same way that the atomic bomb fell silently from the hull of the Enola Gay some 15,000 feet above Hiroshima. It was a calm and peaceful morning, and no one saw it coming until the payload smashed into ground zero causing total annihilation and once this intro ends you better say your fucking prayers because you are about to be mercilessly eradicated!!!!

A south east Asian mother-fucking-onslaught is now on display for the next 32-minutes and the aftermath will be fucking fugly. Pretenders to the fire throne need to cower in fear as this death brigade brings the debauchery with 8-tracks of unbridled fury of religious slaying mayhem and my personal favorite track just has to be #5 titled Christ bludgeon. (Un)holy hell is this spell loaded with barbed atomic spite bringing back the glory days of total Christian annihilation. I have no doubt whatsoever that Vlad the Impaler was a metalhead and he would have been banging these tunes out deep in the carpathian forrests of Romania on many of his diabolical quests. Lyrics are exclusively for the underground horde preparing for a Christian death fest. Religion and the pitfalls thereof are always a personal favorite topic of mine and Nechbeyth attack the synagogues of Christ and will not stop the relentless lyrical onslaught until Jerusalem lays in ashes. I pray for the day total religious eradication is realized and this CD, as well as the mighty Nechbeyth, are the first step towards my blackest hate realization

Nechbeyth lays claim to Satanic supremacy and Vrykoblast productions just placed themselves at the forefront of might Lord Satan’s kill list for releasing this demonic slab of fucking annihilation!!!! They have nailed the production, which is very raw without being necro, much in the same way as the Romans nailed the bastard child’s hands to the rickety cross at Calgary. Only difference is that the nails at Calgary were the easy way out, having to listen to 32 minutes of this nightmarish whirlpool will haunt your corpse for eternity. Its savage and unapologetic and is exactly what the underground fucking craves and proves that the "dead sea scrolls" are just that.... Fucking dead!!! Jerusalem in ashes, feed the schmucks to the wolves.

Zavaels vocals can only be described as possessed. He shrieks our his armory in a monotonous tone that blends effortlessly in with the music. I eagerly await their next offering of reinforced concrete. Narsamum, Israfil and Zavael have all booked their place in the Valhalla halls of eternity as outputs like this are few and far between unfortunately. This trio means business and are the business. Their next offering sure to level the masses, I simply can’t wait.

Satan salutes the inverted cross and is infernally pleased

Buy, then be sure to eternally fukking die!!!!!!!!!