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An Essential Work of Art - 90%

PaganMurphy, January 4th, 2010

I often find myself in search of something new and enjoyable. With such a huge library of music it can be difficult to choose what to listen to, however some bands I listen to are more likely to get listened to for how memorable their music is. Nebelhorn fits into that category for me. Fjorland Sagas is Nebelhorns second album and I must say their best work yet. I wasn't to thrilled about their first album but after hearing Fjorland Sagas I must say I can't stop playing it.

The music is absolutely amazing. The guitars mix from beautifully astounding leads to strummed black metal power chords. The guitars provide a great sense of harmony. There are acoustic passages, melodies, and anything else you could possibly want in a Viking metal album. The drums pound along with fury. There are wonderful blast beats with unique cymbal accents that add a great sense of war feeling to the music. Songs that show this are der zeiten wende, fenrirs brut, and beutefahrt. These are generally the best tracks along with the amazing song verrat which has a cello lead in the beginning. The vocals are mostly black metal mid raspy vocals. The screams match the music perfectly and the Viking choirs add very well to the music as well. The bass is not heard very well through the production but it is there. The bass follows the guitars mainly.

This is an album definitely worth looking into. I highly suggest you give it a listen. You most certainly not be disappointed.