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Neaera = Twosies - 99%

Justin_Bork, April 2nd, 2006

After releasing their debut just last spring, Neaera have already followed up with a second album that easily surpasses anything done on the first. Most bands take four or five releases to show progression of skill like this, but Neaera has done it in only two.

To be honest, on paper, Let the Tempest Come's description would fit a plethora of other bands, and although it's not very original in genre, it makes up for it with its endless collection of stellar riffs, leads and force. This is some seriously poweful stuff. Tons of dramatic leads, crushing riff sections and excellent drumming. The addition of a unique vocalist with loads of charisma also helps place this high above its competition. This is very heavy melodic death metal that manages to have a face in a sea of bands who sound identical.

At 11 tracks, there's not one ounce of filler on this. Everything is just crushing and memorable. What makes Neaera a special band, is that they craft songs wonderfully. Every song has at least one really catchy section or break that seperates it from the others and makes you want to listen to the album as a whole, as opposed to one or two songs, which is really important for an album to be considered 'great'. The heavy parts are brutal and make you want to destroy things, while the melodic bits are emotional and make you want to reflect. Which is another reason why this album is so amazing, it fits multiple moods.

In conclusion, Neaera's 2nd album embodies everything I enjoy in "metal". It has it all, blast beats, growls, screams, crushing riffs, a wonderful sense of melody and very thoughful lyrics. A very underlooked band that needs reconition ASAP.

Recommended listening: Let the Tempest Come, HeavenHell, Paradigm Lost