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The Neaera Trifecta - 99%

Justin_Bork, July 12th, 2007

Before I start, I have to the fuck does this band do it? Their third album in three years and they keep progressing while showing no signs of running out of ideas. Thats 33 songs in three years, none of which are filler. It's mind boggling, and after 3 albums, they have enough material for me to claim them as one of my all time favorites. Incredible, skull fucking metal.

Again, moving even farther away from their Metalcore debut, Armamentarium can only be classified as Melodic Death Metal, with stylings of Thrash and straight Death. No more breakdowns, but the crush and chug is still there, but the metal variant as opposed to the Hardcore. LOTS of double kick and blast beats are to be heard on this record.

All the songs on this album feel extremely epic, yet without bordering on the 9 minute pretentiousness of Machine Heads new album. The melodic breaks are so dramatic and fit the sound of a desperate struggle, while the crushing thrash riffs depict violence, so expect some serious damage with this record.

Neaera, again play a similar style to a whole plethora of bands out there, but again (like on their previous outing 'Let the Tempest Come') manage to stand out and hold their own with their endless and consistent stellar riffing and interesting writing. Every song features at least five sick riffs and breaks. Most bands of this style manage to barely write 2 or 3 gems on an album, but Neaera consistently lay out albums of fucking beauty. If they don't make it to the big leagues of upper tier metal bands with this album, something is horribly wrong with the world.

Just like previous years, Germany is annihilating shit to hell in 2007. Fear My Thoughts, Caliban, Deadlock and now this, the only way to make this year more incredible for the German scene would be if Heaven Shall Burn cut another album, but doubutful. Speaking of, Marcus of HSB guests on the the albums last track 'Liberation' making the song a scream duet of sorts with Neaeras Benny.

Album highlights include the lead off track with its crushing lead riff, 'Syngergy' with more melody than you can shake a stick at, Harbringer with its lumbering crush, and the closing track, but lets be honest, they're all highlights, this album destroys.

Unless the new Soilwork album somehow tops this, this will be my album of the year in December. Gaurenteed. Incredible.....just incredible.

Recommended Listening: Spearheading the Spawn, Armamentarium, Synergy, Harbringer, The Orphaning, Liberation