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The Beautiful Side Of Metal - 100%

Altisir, May 26th, 2008

It's not often that metal is called beautiful - on the whole, metal is indeed a very ugly genre of music. But for Ne Obliviscaris, an exception can be made. Seamlessly blending acoustic guitars, violins, and clean singing with harsh vocals and somber, melodic, and fast pasted black metal riffing, they create an incredible listening experience that is unlike any other.

When one thinks of acoustics in metal, comparisons are readily drawn to Opeth, or perhaps Agalloch. It must be made clear, though, that Ne Obliviscaris sound nothing like the afore mentioned bands; in fact, they are in a league of their own. The second track on the demo, Forget Not, is a perfect example of this. The first half, for the most part, is pure acoustic, violin, drum, and bass sweetness, and is quite possibly some of the most brilliant acoustic work - in any genre. The violin stands out the most during this song, as well, and let it be known, this is where Ne Obliviscaris shines. In many instances throughout the demo, the violin is in charge of leads as opposed to the guitar. But in their case, it works incredibly well, and as a result gives them an entirely unique feel.

Metal-wise, Ne Obliviscaris do not disappoint. The intro to Tapestry of the Starless Abstract is absolutely brutal, with a surprisingly uplifting outro; the latter half of Forget Not is simple, yet extraordinarily emotional; lastly, the whole of As Icicles Fall is one complete melodic aural feast, starting off with a slow, melancholic intro which eventually leads into some incredibly epic riffage. Concerning the instrumentation, every single one of them shines. In many instances, the bass, guitars, and violin are all doing their own separate thing - but fear not, while in many instances in music this can make a song become cluttered and make a song unorganized, for Ne Obliviscaris the instruments all meld perfectly together. The clean vocals might seem, at first listen, odd, and seemingly out of place. But they are ridiculously catchy, and it's impossible for them to not grow on you. The harsh vocals are great as well - black metal shrieks are mixed with death growls throughout, and are done so flawlessly.

There is honestly not much bad to say about this. Some might find the production on the bad side - note, this is not bad production as in the Darkthrone style, but rather in the sense that in some cases it becomes almost a wall of sound. But this hardly detracts from the music. If anything, it only helps in giving it it's somber atmosphere.

For a three track demo, Ne Obliviscaris have created a masterpiece of not only Progressive Metal, but of music in general. I often forget that is just a demo, and rank amongst my favorite albums. Indeed, this "demo" outdoes most contemporary metal albums. Ne Obliviscaris' debut is slated for an early '09 release, by the way things are shaping up - even if it is only half as good as this demo, it will still almost undoubtedly be one of the best of the year.