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are you fucking joking right now - 33%

Noktorn, June 8th, 2011

I always wonder what motivates bands to write music as incoherent and awkward as 'Immortal Warriors'. This is a death metal album, yeah, but I defy you to name another professionally released death metal album that sounds as obviously weird and inappropriate as this one does. Nauseous Surgery is one of those bands who make death metal that sounds like they've never actually HEARD death metal before- the song structures, riffcraft, and even production are so obviously disjointed and fucked up that I can't believe they listened to this at the end of recording and said, "Yeah, that's what we were going for." Moreover, I'm amazed that the label behind this record didn't have a problem with it. Really? You can't see anything wrong with this?

Nauseous Surgery's style is basically a knockoff of old Tampa death metal ala Death, Deicide, and a little bit of Morbid Angel, but the way they go about constructing it sort of ruins those comparisons. The biggest problem is the tuneless, autistic drumming style on display; it's not exactly off time (usually), it's just so weird and nonsensical that it might as well be. Half of the rhythms are so awkward with their horribly extended fills and seemingly random adherence to time signatures that they completely destroy whatever momentum the song might have had. The guitars don't fair much better; a standard array of tremolo and sluggish, mid-era Obituary style chug riffs are on display, but they're regularly off time with the drums, speeding up or slowing down and then having to do the opposite to compensate and meet up with the drums. Hell, half the time it seems as though the drums and guitars are working in free time, since a measure of music will regularly drag on another second and a half past when it should logically end for some random guitar noodling or even more snare rolling that doesn't adhere to any sort of timing.

The vocals are a very good example of what's wrong with the album's construction: they're all over the place and seemingly improvised. I mean, there's clearly lyrics to these songs, but where they're applied seems completely random and pointless. They adhere to no rhythm or musical convention- they just spew all over the place, timeless, unmusical, and irritatingly performed throughout the entire album. They're by far the most annoying and unnecessary part of the music, though the waffling, go-nowhere riffs come pretty close too. Oddly enough, a lot of the riffs sound like they're going somewhere at first with logical tremolo lines in the oldschool Florida style, but then they'll never really resolve or go anywhere to complete the melody and instead just sort of lurch off into the sunset like a cowboy with Down Syndrome. I have no idea why this was released or who would actually listen to this. It's incompetent, dumb, and boring even when the band does manage to hold their questionable instrumental performances together. It just sucks.