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No more Mr. Drum-computer??? - 63%

oneyoudontknow, August 14th, 2011

The latest release of the band would be Vinterblod and one of the differences with the earlier ones would be the replacement of Mr. Drum-computer with some of more flesh and blood; at least according to the additional notes at the Metal Archives (all reviews were written on MP3s [320 kbps]). So, there should be some different atmosphere and style in the music, as this instrument received a more independent role; at least theoretically.

Being their second full-length album some amount of professionalism should be expected and compared with the two demos, which received a review in this issue, Vinterblod offers a more consistent and better performance. Yet what was written on the Fimbulvetr one is also true on this one; in limits this is. The main focus are again the guitars and the term ‘main’ should really be emphasized. What has chained is the impact of the drums and it is nice to have this vague double-bass texture in the background; well, aside from some minimalist sound of the cymbals this instrument can hardly be recognized at times. It is underground black metal after all and this band seems to unwilling to move outside this distinct category.

What has changed, aside from a change in the line-up, is the actual sound and style of the band; at least from my narrow perspective on the topic. The music on this albums comes with less of this slow and depressive kind of black metal and with something more straightforward. Faster and with a rather linear structure in terms of the song-writing, this is what can be found on Vinterblod and takes the listener back to the earlier days of the black metal scene. Not much of a compromise was made and even though repetition and monotony play a role here, it is still possible to enjoy the compositions. Nothing new, nothing fresh, but something executed with quite some sense of this type of music; even though the production ruins it a bit. So, if you are looking for stuff whose style is anything but normal, why don’t you give this one a try.

Based on a review originally written for ‘A dead spot of light (Number 7)’: