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COLD and GRIM!!!! - 95%

SatanicMoonblood, February 3rd, 2013

When I heard this CD first time I was floored! Not just because it's so good but the improvement by the band was 100% from the last CD. This is raw and cold black metal in the minimal Darkthrone and Bathory style and it kills everything they did before!

Nattsvargr doesn't fuck around this time! Each song is fast and gets right to the point. If you like your black metal cold, frozen and frostbitten as a blizzard, this is it. The riffs are all so icy and every song really fits together perfect! Drumming is background and not important, just like Fenriz says. These guys took it to heart. There are probably two to three riffs in each song, repetitive in a way but they go from one to the next before you can get tired of it. The music is really good to create a picture in your head of a cold and dark winter night. And the vocals!! Except maybe one spot, there is hardly any tortured feeling to be heard. No, Noctir is DEAD now!! His voice sounds like something that died and came back from the grave. Lifeless, unhuman and evil. He matches the riffs just right and the lyrics are a great match for the music. It's all desolate and deathly. With only seven songs, there is no chance for the CD to get boring. All the songs are really strong and I know some versions of the album come with a cover of Darkthrone's "The Dance of Eternal Shadows" at the end, which really holds the honor of the original. What more can I tell? this is pure black metal, no other elements added in. The riffs haunt your brain and there's no way to listen to "Winter's Final Breath", "Frozen Ritual", "In the Eye of Solitude" and more without feeling pulled into the winter darkness and feeling a little sadness too. But not in the wimpy suicidal black metal trend way. I think more how old CDs from Burzum, Darkthrone and even Dissection had some guitar riffs that were sad but still dark and would kill you.

"Vinterblod" is an excellent album of raw, cold black metal. This is reminding me of the old Darkthrone style but without trying to steal riffs or twist old themes like I heard so many bands do. The guitar riffs are really something you will remember after the CD has stopped and that is if you can stop replaying it over and over. I listened to this thirty times when I first got it and couldn't put it away to do my research. This is way better than "Winds of Transilvania" in every possible way. Get this or die!