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A hunt across lands blistered with frost - 100%

Daughter North, April 26th, 2014

Winter has pounded my body and head with his heavy, cold fists before I've even opened the case containing Nattsvagr's second full-length release Vinterblod. The moment the music begins, I feel as though I'm part of a hunt across lands blistered with frost. It has an almost frantic feeling to it. The majority of the tracks are assembled with layers of repetition, but I find it captivating rather than irritating. The repetition allows you to sink into the sound, like you would sink into a snow drift when you know that there is no way out of the woods.

Though the repetition is consistent, I am regularly surprised by changes in tempo which help to keep things interesting. The vocals are some of the best I've heard in recent years. The feeling behind them is, simply put, astounding. At moments, I feel as though I've woken up in the early 90's in a basement in Oslo... Overall the pace of this release is speedy. It doesn't let you get complacent or comfortable. The hunt is on and you need to keep up. At moments I feel as though I'm colliding with chaos. Each track has its own heavy, black heart, beating with a different kind of ferocity.

Vinterblood has left me feeling as though I've suffered a dirty bite from a rabid wolf, and now have hands deep in fleshy wounds. There's a wildness about this release, an animalistic spirit. Bury deep any optimism you have before listening to it, and put a marker down so you know where to find it. Vinterblod provides the perfect escape from the rot that is humanity, for a little while at least.