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National Napalm Syndicate - Time Is the Fire

Pungent Characteristic Smell in the Morning Air - 80%

bayern, April 20th, 2022

Nearly gave up on the band after their preceding insipid full-length, and after the “Lex Talionis” EP didn’t offer anything interesting (save for the bashing old school thrasher “The Church of the Rat”), I decided that that’s it, time to pull the plug on them…

not so fast, buddy, cause we’re dealing with napalm, a very combustible substance which may send everything to hell in no time. Add the promising fiery title and boom… things may have just been conflagrated in this camp… and they have, truth be told, as the album here is decidedly superior to its unsightly predecessor, the band satisfying the headbangers first with "Obey the System", a vivid sizzling shredder, before calming the ball down for the dark progressive power metal brooder "In the Dead of the Night". Still, the moshing bombs keep coming (“Koulema, “Bringer of Pain”), the guys feeling too vigorous to indulge in diversification campaigns, also throwing the odd quirky genre-melding piece ("Knife Against My Throat") into the pot. All sides of the band’s repertoire displayed here come alive and ably mixed on "Unholy Madness", an intriguing progressive power/thrasher, the highlight on this entertaining opus which also boasts a very cool cover of Overkill’s “Blood and Iron” from the Americans’ debut “Feel the Fire”.

This is way more like it, the guys finding a way to keep their stylistic versatility and to sound attractive to the more demanding thrash fanbase as well, producing a tasty compendium that again tends to a wider gamut of metalheads, by avoiding the displays of not very good taste so insistently scattered all over the previous saga. Yes, we felt the fire coming out of this camp quite well this time, and judging by the next tune (the retro thrashing delight “God Plutonium”) which popped up two years back, it seems like the “napalm” part of the band moniker would find another justification… or may even be replaced with… does anyone remember the dog Pluto from the Mickey Mouse franchise?