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Finnish thrash syndicate - 90%

raspberrysoda, December 18th, 2015

Apparently, Finland had a Bay Area with a pretty developed thrash scene, which was ruled by the quite popular (in Finland, mostly) Stone, and that's about it. Although National Napalm Syndicate were musically developed, they were, and are still, quite obscure.

One of the first things you notice about this album, is that it was mastered by professionals, despite the inexperience of their band management. The guitars are thick and are well enhanced, along with the perfectly equalized drums and bass- a thing that shows the lack of inexperience in this band. The songs themselves show the major influences of the band, and particularly Exodus, Megadeth, and even Kreator and Coroner come in mind. Surprisingly, this band isn't a clone of any of these, and manages to make a different sound by using many odd timed signatures (that are most notably heard in The Pain of Pleasure and The Sunrise, which are some of the album's best songs), flashy solos, very frantic drumming, and last but not least, the vocals. The type of vocals that were used in the album is very unusual among ANY genre of music, and sound like a seal trying to sing power metal- a fact which makes this album even more interesting and adds to its originality.

The songs themselves are very consistent and use a basic Bay Area thrash album structure, resembling Death Angel Exodus, and make the album's only flaw- the fact that it is TOO consistent and make the songs pretty unidentifiable from each other- sort of like what happened in Hades Archer's Penis Metal. The lyrics of the songs are pretty unusual- they are written in a semi-broken English, and deal with various subjects, such as war (The Sunrise), death, (911), and even pedophilia in Lucy, which is actually pretty amusing because of the broken language these lyrics are delivered in.

It's a real pity that this is still their status among oldschool thrash fans, and it should definitely be in the pantheon of Finland's best thrash albums ever released.