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The perfect way to end Nasum - 100%

orphy, August 12th, 2006

Following the death of Nasum front man Mieszko Talarczyk, grindcore giants Nasum decided to call it quits. However, they left us with one of the greatest gifts ever; Grind Finale. Grind Finale isn't just a CD meant to show the best of Nasum. It's a release that documents the band from beginning to end, letting us hear them from their primitive grindcore origins to their precise signature style of grindcore so many people loved Nasum for.

Before I get to the actual music, one can't help but adore how well packaged Grind Finale is. It looks like a book, with an 80 page booklet that includes lyrics for almost all the tracks (some have been lost over the years), information about each release that Nasum recorded, as well as linear notes from Anders Jakobson, and an editor. Add in some pictures and gig posters, and what we have here is a true documentation of one of the best grindcore bands ever.

Listening to disc one of grind finale lets the listener hear Nasum right when they started out. The songs were shorter, sloppier, and a lot more primitive than what most people associate with Nasum. About half way through this release, we hear crust influences seeping through into their grindcore, which was definitely a signature of Nasum. Disc two continues with the crusty grindcore sound and lets us hear them go into their cleaner, more technical grindcore. Most of the highlights of this compilation take place on disc two, as it sounds a lot more like the Nasum I'm used to (especially the Inhale/Exhale era sound). There are a few covers on disc two, including a Carcass cover, "Tools of the Trade". Nasum plays it even tighter than Carcass did, which is more than enjoyable.

There is really nothing more I could want out of Grind Finale. It has every non-full length release they've ever done in chronological order. Thus, it is more than an earful to take at one time, so it definitely isn't made to be listened to from start to finish (as I said, it is a documentary). Not to mention there are 21 unreleased songs, which is another great bonus. Anyone who's a fan of Nasum or grindcore in general should pick this up without question, as it contains some absolutely incredible material. Even if you own the good majority of Nasum's non-full length material, it's really nice to have it on one set (and you don't have to change a ton of 7 inches on your record player). This release deserves 100% in my eyes because it is truly the perfect way to say farewell to all the fans of Nasum, as well as the perfect way to acknowledge Mieszko. Thank you for the masterpiece that is Nasum.