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Fun stuff, at times excessively cheesy - 66%

UltraBoris, April 20th, 2003

This is a pretty good album, though there are points where it just about becomes unlistenable. Though when it's on, it's excellent, occasionally thrashy speed metal.

The best... Stabbed In the Back. Total thrash mayhem. "Giving blood... knowing that you have AIDS." "Killing a man... over a twenty dollar bill." Haha what fun!! The rest of the album, unfortunately, does not live up to that mighty standard. The rest is okay, except at times Nasty Ronnie tries to be King Diamond and ends up sounding very badly effeminate. For example, see the title track. Also, my greatest complaint... what the fuck is up with the song XXX? Sounds like there's a baby in there. That's right, a fucking infant. Who the fuck puts an infant into a song about sex? It would be a decent song except that shit is unlistenable. Some things do not belong in metal, and babies are one of them.

The rest.... well, at times the songs end up sounding pretty similar, so it's hard to pick a real highlight or low point - Distorted Fanatic has a nice groove riff that is almost thrash metal, and Hypnotic Trance (despite the really silly lyrics) is pretty good as well. The ending is a cool instrumental... question mark, the bane of all mp3s everywhere because that's not something you can name your file.

Overall, worth getting. If you like your cheese piled high, you'll dig the fuck out of this.