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Terror, doom, destruction-stabbed in the back - 87%

TexanCycoThrasher, June 6th, 2009

Indulgence, the epitome of perfection in the thrash universe. Nasty Savage nailed it on this release, honestly I can’t find one thing to bitch about on this album. Indulgence keeps the balance in-between, pure fast as hell thrash & mild tempo traditional metal, which says a lot about their musicianship.

Well as for the production--epic--the guy who did the mastering on this did an excellent job & definitely knew what he was doing. Every track is crystal clear & every instrument is equally heard, nothing is drowned out by another instrument, which is a great sign.

As for the players themselves they did as good of a job as the mixer did. The riffs are a-plenty and original, take a listen to “XXX” & you’ll know what I’m talking about. The rhythm adds great fills as well, from the crazed double bass throughout XXX to the snare/tom mix through Stabbed in the Back. But what essentially is my favorite aspect is Nasty Ronnie’s vocals, & how crisp & clean they sound throughout the album, and this high to low trade-offs he uses frequently, my favorite example of this is in Divinitation.

Overall a great release, these guys definitely knew what they were doing, to bad this record was one of many looked over in favor of $hitallica’s Master of Puppets.