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Even the guitars sound like pigs - 68%

c_zar, January 11th, 2013

It is easy to see why most people into metal, brutal death metal (slamming or otherwise) and even goregrind wouldn't care for the lowbrow buzzing assault that is known as Nasty Pig Dick. Simply put, this is not a refined album, nor a work that displays great (or even good) musicianship. This self-proclaimed slab of "Ultra Guttural Slamming Gore Grind" is wholly devoid of introspection and subtlety.

The Mexican export known as Nasty Pig Dick is a boiling pork assault ... and it's pretty good.

The overall Nasty Pig Dick aesthetic is closest to that of goregrind. The drums are programmed and the vocals are pitch-shifted (or at least distorted to the point where they sound like they are), but the style of the vocals is that of brutal death metal and the pounding & shuddering rhythms have an industrial flavor, like Anaal Nathrakh or maybe even Ministry. Every instrument has ludicrous amount of blow out, and the thick guitar often sounds like a bass guitar instead of a six string. Some of this music sounds a little bit out of tune, but yields interesting results--- the chugs in songs like "Cadaveric Internal Rot" seem like amplified pork snouts, inhaling and exhaling, looking for truffles. And the sustained chords in "Juicy Juice of Bowels" are pure sonic nausea.

The end result is something that doesn't really resemble grinders like (early) Carcass or Impetigo or Insect Warfare or Lymphatic Phlegm or any brutal death metal band I know of. If Mortician teamed up with Ildjarn, it might sound like this. Perhaps Cemetery Rapist is the closest comparison, a "band" (guy) that also straddles the bdm and goregrind/porngrind worlds, but the songs on this thing are better developed and have more culmination moments than do the CR tunes I've heard. Little bits of flavor---such as the trill added to the main hook in "Flesh on My Chainsaw"---shine brightly when they appear.

Distortion, blown out industrial beats and very chunky rhythm-oriented riffs are worked and reworked, and in the end, Nasty Pig Dick delivers in both genres (death & grind), though this happens in an extraordinarily simple way (often 2 or 3 riffs per song) that is not for most metalheads. Flesh for the Worms is overloaded, caustic and repetitive slamming goregrind that's surprisingly fun.