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Usual garage black metal - 75%

Rasc, December 6th, 2013

Having worked with self-productions myself, I recognised all the difficulcies and obstacles of releasing a good album. Although, this duo with this excellent line-up for black metal which is a vocalist and an instrumentist came out pretty well. As a supporter of the great black metal scene in Rio de Janeiro and a friend of Föar, I feel like this band deserves some reviewing here.

Their instrumentation is pretty good and seems like they put some efforts onto riffing, creating some of this good, speedy black metal we are used to. Even though they're programmed, the drums are well-articulated, escaping from the commonplace with some doodles some real drummers are too lazy to do. The vocalist also does a good job; his vociferation really sounds heavy and painful. Personally, my favourite black metal track is "Endless Garden", which holds very thrilling guitar lines that just make it the best one of the album by themselves.

The band also risked to make one dark ambient track which us "Necronomicon". I'd say it's by far the best track of the albumsince its quality of production and the whole load of feels it carries really made me surprised. The whole song remembers somehow the dark ambient experimentation of Summoning, not only because of the way the ambient was set up, but also because both contribute to the flow of the album of getting the feelings down and bringing up a new face of despair.

Overall, I'd say Suicide Nightmares is a pretty good demo for a band as new and small as Nargor. You wouldn't expect to find the new Burzum there, but it's surely worth a listen.