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A fantastic live band! - 90%

Guilaz999, June 5th, 2013

This is a pretty solid live release. Nargaroth, a band who’ve released so many different themed albums throughout their career, sum themselves up nicely in these 53 minutes of live carnage.

After the introduction – a crowd chanting in eager anticipation of the band’s arrival – the song is introduced by Kanwulf, and immediately crisp and distorted guitars assault the listener behind which insanely fast blasts rain down from the drums. The song here is true to the original, and the sheer brilliance in recording quality means that nothing is lost from the song. Kanwulf’s vocals are grim as ever: harsh and raspy, with a hint of despair, yet clear enough that the lyrics are distinguishable (a feature that continues through the rest of the album). The only missing feature is bass – the band did/does not use a bassist live, though this does not really detract from the music.

The rest of the songs carry a similar feel, with some (such as ‘Agonizer’) carrying a slightly more distant and overdriven guitar sound. Still, the power and emotive message behind the songs here is amplified in the live setting. A particularly fantastic song is track 4, “…Prometheus”, whose riffing is particularly dissonant and harsh. The drums here are perfectly in time and exhibit particular talent. To contrast this, “Stabbed in ‘he Balls” is quite a weak track. Even ignoring the ridiculous title, the song is pretty nondescript and bland, with nothing to it other than generic blasts and monotonous ‘trve blakk metvl’ riffage. The only audible lyrics in this are “we’re stabbed into your balls”, which makes the track rather laughable.

The covers are also rather good, and other than Kanwulf’s late announcement that “this is war!”, also pretty true to the originals. It’s also nice to hear the audience singing along to such classics, chanting “WAR!” in the choruses of the Burzum cover. The guitar solos are fantastic here, and makes the listener wonder why Nargaroth do not use such excellent guitar solos in their own songs, given the calibre of their guitarists. The solo of “Freezing Moon” is particularly clear and impressive, with sweeping and tremolo riffage, resulting in a large cheer from the audience.
A note about the tracklisting: I personally feel that the setlist is perfectly ordered, with a fantastic and classic opening track, a couple of unknown songs thrown in, then having “The Day Burzum Killed Mayhem” followed by covers by those two bands, and ending with a powerful and recent original by Nargaroth.

Utter genius here. If ever an album was to convince you to attend a Nargaroth show, this would be it.