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Time for Slaves to be Obliterated - 70%

Shirt_Guy, February 23rd, 2009

What we get on “Time Waits for no Slave” is good, old school grind with a we bit of death metal and longer songs. There’s the guitar work that’s focused mainly on power-chords running up and down the neck in a familiar grind pattern which tends to stray every now and then, supported by frenetic drumming and blasting. But wait! Unlike old-school grind, these songs flow rather than starting and stopping with monumental tempo jumps, or have I simply gotten so used to grind that some of the tempo jumping seems normal? Whichever way it is, the tempo always flows just right through some extremely long grind tracks - by grind standards three and four minutes is pretty darn long! They make use of the time for real verses and choruses, something that most bands who start off eschewing that format often go back to.

There’s just a tiny bit of experimentation that lays claim to a couple of songs here and there when the band wander off to an unexpected territory, the most obvious example being the strange singing on the title track, “Time Waits for no Slave”. Though what could be thought of as most bizarre once one puts some thought into it, is how strange Barneys voice is. At first listen, it’s a wonderful grind bark that sounds illegible, yet I find myself making out the words all the time.

Now “Time Waits for no Slave” would be a damn great album if it weren’t for a couple of factors. With the number of tracks going up to fourteen, and the general nature of the songs being pretty quick, they do tend to blur a little by the time you get to the end. The other matter? “Time Waits for no Slave” does sound pretty similar to significant portion of other Napalm Death albums, most notably the two before this one, “Smear Campaign” and “The Code is red… Long Live the Code”.

All being said, “Time Waits for no Slave” is still a fine way for young gun to become familiar with good ol’ grind, and can easily hold those old-timers over looking to rekindle or romances with and old flame, metaphorically speaking.

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