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The DVD - 85%

ElectroSabbath, August 20th, 2006

The Promo Clips

To start out the dvd we have some of the promo clips that Napalm came out with during their earache era. There’s some interesting footage in these promo clips, especially on “Breed to Breathe.” However, I notice that some videos such as Mass Appeal Madness are a little choppy. But other than that, these clips are pretty interesting.

Live Corruption

Live Corruption is an awesome show, an excellent choice of songs and clips of Napalm really shredding. Anyone who owns the cd remembers the drunks crying out at Shane Embury “Fat Bastard,” well here you’ll notice that between songs will be interviews with the band and it cuts that crap out (I think it’s crap anyway.) The only problem is that the sound quality is so quiet compared to the loud promo clips that were on just before the show. Other than that it’s a great show.

’89 Show

This show is somewhat boring. There’s some good songs on it, but nothing really happens. It is interesting to see Napalm’s recovery from the departure of Steer and Dorrian. If you look on the side of the stage you can occasionally see Mitch Harris who has yet to join the band at this point. This clip is good for the history.

Rock Show

I love this. The sound quality isn’t that great, but hearing Lee’s roaring voice echo across the audience as Embury, Harris and Steer tear shit up is just amazing. Unfortunately they only play two songs! “You Suffer” and “Scum.” As they finish you suffer you can even hear Dorrian say “Mentally Murdered.” But after that it cuts the rest of the show out. Earache has deprived us of an excellent show! They truly are the Enemy of the Music Business.