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Long live the gods of grind - 95%

enemy_of_the_public, March 18th, 2005

Oh good god, this is sheer grind, brutal, fast, incisive. Everything that any Napalm fan could ever want, this is so good I'd call it a 'blasterpiece' it is that godly.

What makes it so amazing is how it is a proper throwback to what many call the glory days. None of the death metal experimentation here, this has the feel of an album that comes between 'From enslavement to obliteration' and 'Harmony corruption'. It is brutal, short and boy does it tear your face off.

Highlights for me are 'Right you are' Purely because of Barney's seething vocals, he sounds like he is about to pick up an automatic and simply go postal on this track. 'Diplomatic immunity' is pure vintage ND singing about politicians, their lies and how hide away from any form of consequence.

This album completes the comeback. After the stunning (personally my favourite) album 'Enemy of the music business' the band wavered a little on the follow up 'Order of the leech' While Leech was a sonic barrage, it had very little of the ND vibe. But this... By god it is awesome, if you loved the late 80's/early 90's Napalm Death then get out there and buy this record, it is truly awesome, simple as that!