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The Threat Level Has Been Raised - 89%

Erin_Fox, October 28th, 2006

The undisputed kings of Grindcore return with another round of utter grinding insanity here on “The Code Is Red…Long Live The Code”. Over the course of the past 24 years, Napalm Death has symbolized the epitome in extreme music and continues to do so today. No other band has yet managed to capture the intensity and original sound that Napalm Death deliver, but make no mistake, ND are an act that has set the benchmark for extreme music throughout the course of their career and on this album, the band continues to do so.

Barney Greenway's unmistakable voice is instantly recognizable as he tears into “Silence Is Deafening” with ripping growls and his trademark high pitched screams. The production work on this release does much to bring back the feelings contained in the band’s classic recordings.

Mitch Harris continues to be a monster con the six string, delivering lightening paced hardcore riffing that causes the group’s material to have a feel that is manic and chaotic at one moment, then massively doomish at another. He is one of the most overlooked and underrated axe men out there, and he proves exactly why on this record time and time again. “Right You Are” is a feverish fifty two second burst of grind that launches right into “Diplomatic Immunity”, yet another track that evokes the feeling of the band’s earlier recordings, while maintaining an updated feeling with the inclusion of a bit more hardcore sounding rhythms.

Greenway sets off the title track with a cool belch of discontent as the band wails away at a rapid pace. Perhaps the most intriguing thing about the group’s music is their uncanny ability to take song parts of contrasting styles and meld them into a singular unique sound that is without a doubt, truly all their own. As always, the band’s message carries a political theme that lashes out at governments and systems on songs like the title track and “Climate Controllers” with an inspired vehemence. On “Instruments Of Persuasion”, the band moves between chunking rhythms and blasts of grind that are focused, relentless bursts of pure power.

Drummer Danny Herrera attacks his drum set like a madman, churning out speedy flurries and crushing downbeats with effortless precision. “All Hail The Grey Dawn” is highlighted by the off tempo axe work of Harris, as Greenway delivers stringent, upfront vocals that are truly magnificent. Shane Embury continues to be one of the greatest bass players in extreme metal, issuing thunderous sounds that serve as the backbone of Napalm Death, tearing away at his instrument with devastating fury.

Throughout the album, the group never lets up, continuing an awe-inspiring pace for the course of the album that is nothing short of amazing. Special guests on the record include Jello Biafra, Jeff Walker and the omnipresent Jamey Jasta. Long time fans of this legendary act will no doubt delight in this record, which is easily the group’s most consistently brilliant effort since “From Enslavement To Obliteration.”