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Only if you’re really a die hard collector… - 60%

morbert, August 21st, 2008

I’m not giving 60 points because the material here is bad. I’m giving it 60 points because this release only features one interesting recording out of three. And even that song is now available on a compilation album.

“Suffer The Children” comes straight from their Harmony Corruption album. It’s a great song combing death metal with D-beat crustcore and some grindcore thrown in. It’s one of the most catchy songs from their Harmony Corruption album.

Third song “Harmony Corruption” is in fact not a song but a bunch of noise. Never understood it’s use. Maybe it was originally an intended intro our outro for that album but never used? Who cares, on itself it’s really boring and obsolete.

“Siege Of Power” is ('was', actually) the sole reason to get this EP. This is a re-recorded song originally from the Bullen-Broadrick era of Napalm Death. It is in essense a very catchy crustcore song with a lot of Discharge, some blast speed eruptions and played with metal-proof palm muted riffing. It’s nice to hear what this song sounds like when played by the 1990-1991 line-up. Because of the production and vocals it sounds more death metal than before.

If you just want to have all Napalm Death recordings, these songs are all on the ‘Death By Manipulation’ compilation album. If you really want to have each release, good luck and don’t spend too much money on it I’d say.